Northshore Christian Academy

5th Grade Servant Leadership Program

5th Grade Leadership Program

Northshore Christian Academy WANTS YOU to be part of our Leadership program for 5th graders!!! This is an outstanding opportunity to learn how to lead others as you follow Jesus' example. Our teams are right sized to give you the opportunity to grow deeper in your faith, while at the same time explore the unique gifting that God has given you, by putting them into practice—forming great habits for today and your lifetime.

Leadership Teams Include:

Acts—ACT OUT for Christ at our chapels and in our hallways! Lead through skits, public speaking and prayer during Wednesday’s 3rd-5th grade chapel.

GatorAides-Reading Buddies—Calling all future teachers and those who love to read! Do you want to be a hero to a little one just learning? This team of 5th graders will be partnered with a K-2nd grader to help them grow in their reading ability, love of reading, and confidence!

GatorAides-Math Buddies—Do you love math and enjoy working with younger kids? Well-here's your opportunity to shine! Together with your teammates you will play simple math games with our K-2nd graders, teaching them the basics in math, including their fast facts!

Gator Patrol—TAKE CHARGE of the crosswalk (in the back, by the new Middle School Pavilion) and become a crossing guard for NCA!

INSIDE OUTService Projects to help support the community. This group will meet once a month to offer a different way NCA can support the community like no sew blankets for children in need.  Garden Club--We started a community garden for NCA. 5th grade students will help determine what is planted and maintain a garden.

NSAE Teacher Assistants--The School of Arts and Enrichment needs 5th graders who love working with kids. Classes are offered after school each day from 3:30-4:30pm. We have Lego Stem, Art, Soccer, Piano, Ukulele, Violin, and more.
Prayer Group--Students will meet every other Wednesday during lunch with Ms. Carter to pray together for their families, friends, school and more. Prayer walks, teaching younger students a prayer, praying the scripture, praying in chapel, making prayer or verse cards for others are some of the things that students can look forward to in this group. 
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