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NCA Math Program

We are excited to share with you the latest in our Math Program.

Success of NCA Students
We continue to be pleased with the results we are seeing in Math achievement at NCA over the past few years. NCA math students perform on average one grade level ahead of students of their age. We find that our graduates consistently qualify for honors/preAP programs in both public and private high schools such as Archbishop Murphy, Cascade, Everett HS, Glacier Peak, Jackson HS, Kamiak, King’s, Seattle Prep, and Snohomish HS. Last year one third of our 8th grade students studied high school level Algebra. All of these students passed the Washington State Algebra End of Course Assessment. This year, we also have 3 students taking high school level Geometry.

Saxon Math
In grades 1-8 we teach Saxon Math. Saxon is often referred to as a “spiraling curriculum”. This means that it is designed in such a way that foundational concepts are continually reviewed. Because of this continual review, Saxon often seems easy at first. As students learn new material, they study it in the context of what they have already learned. This approach has shown to be very effective for elementary aged students. The Saxon Math program blends mental math, story problems, daily fact drills and the utilization of manipulatives for hands-on math learning.

Advanced Math For All Students
At NCA, we have a vision of advanced math for all students. It has been our experience that as children are given high levels of support, they accept high levels of challenge. This instills in them a genuine sense of confidence that will contribute to excellent opportunities in life and learning. You may have noticed that every year we are seeing more and more students learning math at the advanced level. Here is a summary of our program and how it has grown over the past few years. Our goal is that most or our graduates will have successfully completed high school Algebra or Geometry.

Math Olympics

Northshore hosts the ACSI Math Olympics every May. Over 175 students from 8 different schools in our region participate. Northshore receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from the schools and parents who attended this event every year.

Math Olympics

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