Northshore Christian Academy

iCal Feeds

In order to set up your Calendar Feed, or you can click the following link: webcal://

vCal Feeds

In order to set up your Calendar Feed,

Adding Additional Filters to your Calendar Feed

Filter Type Parameter Value Format
Date From datefrom mm/dd/yyyy
Date To dateto mm/dd/yyyy
Categories categories categoryname,categoryname
Include Subcategories includesubs true or false

In order to add additional filters to your Calendar Feed,
you must construct the URL of the feed using the parameters and values provided above.Start with your feed url: or Note: Default date range (none entered) is current day/current year- end of school year (June)Multiple categories can be assigned, delimited by a comma.
The url will be separated from the parameters with a "?".Each parameter will be separated with an "&".Each parameter will be given a value with a "=". For example, for an .ics feed, the URL will look like this: (note: all on one line),Home&includesubs=true
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