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Thrive Program Classes and Tutoring

Thrive Program—Tutoring Classes
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Thrive Program Teachers:
Mrs. Janet Christy—holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Reading from Eastern Washington University, and her Master’s in Education, specializing in Reading and Language Arts, from Seattle Pacific University. Mrs. Christy has been a professional educator since 1990, including roles as a classroom teacher and a master teacher for student teachers in a university teaching degree program. Mrs. Christy began teaching at NCA in 2001, and then became NCA's Director of Student Learning and Staff Development in 2011. She also oversees our Literacy Program. Mrs. Christy's children have both attended NCA.
Mrs. Debbie Ellis—earned her Masters of Education from University of Washington. She taught for seven years in the public school system as a Special Education teacher and has had training in the Slingerland® Multisensory Reading Approach. Mrs. Ellis joined the teaching staff at NCA in 2013 and both of her children have attended NCA.
Mrs. Janet Scarth—received a Bachelor of Science in Business at Oregon State. After gaining some management experience, she went back to get her teaching credential from University of Washington. She taught for Lake Stevens for two years, and then for two years at a private Christian school. She then home-schooled all four of her own children through 7th grade.  She has tutored in a variety of capacities from a home-school parent partnership cooperative with another teacher at her home, to tutoring at several centers and privately. She joined NCA's Thrive team in 2017 with a desire to impact more students educationally and with her love of Jesus.

Thrive Academic Tutoring Options

Academic Tutoring Options
Click here for the Tutoring Request Form. Please complete form and turn into Mrs. Janet Christy. You may also leave the completed form in the Academy office.
General Tutoring (available before and after school)
  • Extra support and accountability for regular classroom work/assignments and homework
  • Additional time and support for concepts taught in the classroom
Specialized Tutoring (available before, during and after school)
  • Higher level of support and accountability for learning
  • An intentional approach with multi-sensory techniques
  • Remedial instruction for gap areas in learning (tutoring goals to be established)
Thrive Program—Middle School Electives Support Classes
  • Reading Lab— This class is offered to provide extra time and opportunity for students to strengthen reading skills.  Students will develop close reading strategies, practice analyzing text, build comprehension skills, and develop vocabulary skills.  Students will practice with both literature and informational texts, using a digital interactive program that will match texts to student reading level, while providing students with personalized coaching and feedback.  This is not a study hall, but a supervised, directed, course aimed at mastery of grade level reading standards and skill acquisition.
  • Math Lab—This class is offered to supplement and support a student’s regular math course. Participants are encouraged to bring specific problems and concepts for which they need help and clarification. They are allowed to work on their math assignments and correct work from cumulative tests. The teacher for Math Lab will consult with the regular Math teachers, review concepts recently presented in the regular class and assist students to demonstrate those concepts. The instructor will also analyze basic skill weaknesses on the part the students and give them opportunities to strengthen deficiencies. This is not a study hall, but a supervised, directed, course aimed at mastery of grade-level material and skill acquisition.
  • Tutored Study Hall—Students requiring a little extra help can enroll in the study hall in which the teacher will provide a little extra assistance and help students with their studies. The teacher will help check planners, monitor student achievement on RenWeb, oversee classroom modifications, help with homework, work in conjunction with the Director of Student Learning regarding areas in which students struggle, etc.
  • Study Skills Lab—Sometimes all that is standing in the way of students and success is a lack of understanding of the organizational structures and skills often employed by high-achieving students. Study Skills Lab focuses on a specific study skill or organizational strategy each week. Skills are modeled, students practice together and individually, and then strive to apply them in their classes and at home. Some study skills include: organization, note-taking, time management, test preparation, test-taking, and reading strategies for studying. Students set personal goals and evaluate their own progress with evidence.

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