Northshore Christian Academy

Toddler Teachers

Toddler A:
Ms. Viky Pounds (Teacher)
 Viky has a BA in Education and has taught Early Education, Music, English and Spanish.  Viky has lived in Peru, Spain, and France.  She and her family were missionaries in France for 15 years.  She has four children, and God has placed a true love for children in her heart. Viky says, “One of my life’s mottos is that I was created to serve, and so as I spend time with children I seek to meet them where they may need reassurance, or as a guide to the increasing curiosity that seeks answers. It is a joy also, to simply play, giggle, sing or read a book together.”   
Mrs. Shelby Horton (Classroom Aide)
Toddler B:
Mrs. Roshni Pillay (Teacher) has been at NCA since 2011. She started with our Summer Program, was an EA for the Academy and found her calling in our Toddler classroom. She’s been working with children for over 15 years. She enjoys reading, praying, and encouraging others. Her passion is to help children grow their character and love for the Lord.
Mrs. Tellie Traversie (Classroom Aide)
 Toddler C:
Mrs. Kori Smith (Teacher)

Kori Smith started in the ELC in 2018.  She has worked in the Early Childhood Field for over 17 years. She is finishing her Early Childhood degree this coming year.  She loves working with children and feels God has placed the love for children on her heart, when she was still in high school.   She loves watching children learn and grow! She is married with two children of her own, one daughter who is 7 and one son who is 4.   She loves exercising and family time! 

Mrs. Mariana Boieriu (Classroom Aide)
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