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Northshore is Safety Act Certified!

NCA is now Certified by the Homeland Security Safety Act!
To read more about about our contract with Prepared Response's Rapid Responder Solutions to upgrade our school safety, see this article link:

Northshore is Safety Act Certified!

NCA is Certified by the Homeland Security Safety Act!
To read more about about our contract with Prepared Response's Rapid Responder Solutions to upgrade our school safety, see this article:
NCA Contracts with Prepared Response for Increased Student and Staff Safety.

Safety is an NCA Priority

Caring for your children’s safety while at school is our top priority! Our safety program includes health, safety, emergency preparedness and crisis response. We want to share some of the systems and protocols we have in place:

  • The Everett Police Department: We have a close working relationship with the Everett Police and often have spontaneous visits from officers.
  • Rapid Responder Program: This program provides police and fire departments with details about our school campus – buildings, parking lots, playgrounds, emergency shut offs. It enables emergency responders access to our surveillance cameras.
  • Safety Act Seal: NCA has the Safety Act Seal from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Certification: All staff is CPR and First Aid certified.
  • Emergency Drills: We regularly practice lockdown, earthquake and evacuation drills. We recently practiced our shelter-in-place, lockdown, earthquake and fire drills for the Great Washington Shake out.
  • Security Walk: A staff member walks the campus multiple times each day checking for anything that might be out of place.
  • Watch DOG Dads: Volunteer dads serve as reassuring, positive, male role models. They support us at arrival, recess, and lunch, in hallways and classrooms. Their presence is a huge benefit to our school.
  • Sign-In System: All staff and visitors must wear a badge during school hours. Our sign-in system monitors who is coming and going. Everyone entering/exiting during school hours must sign in and out at the front desk.
  • Emergency Supplies: We have meals, first aid supplies, space blankets and water supplies for over 4000 people.
  • Reunification Site: In the event we need to evacuate our campus, Everett Community College on Seaway Blvd. will serve as our gathering location. Students will walk there under supervision of staff. Parents will pick them up at that location.

Please join us in our desire to make NCA the safest place it can be. Follow the safety rules while on campus and if you have any questions about your children’s safety or our school policies, please contact us. We want to work with you to make NCA the safest place it can be for everyone.

Mrs. Pam Jackson, 
School Daily Operations & Safety Coordinator

Emergencies and School Closures


School Closures or Delayed Start Times

Obviously, unforeseen school closures cannot be published ahead of time. Most of the time, such closures would be due to inclement weather. If there is ANY chance of such a schedule change (either a delayed start or an actual school closure), these are the ways you we communicate this information:

  • All-School Email: An email will be sent informing parents of closures/delays, provided electricity is on so that this can be accomplished.
  • NCA Information line: Call our NCA Info Line for Inclement Weather & School Closures:  (425) 407-1119  Ext. #1315
  • NCA Website:  We often will post closures/delays information on the front page of our web page (provided that there is electricity).
  • FlashAlert:  Visit for Weather Related Delays and Closures. Northshore Christian Academy uses to broadcast emergency announcements through TV, radio and the Internet. For more information—see details in column on right hand of this webpage or click on the FlashAlert graphic:

We make every effort to record a closure message on the NCA answering machine by 6:30am on applicable  mornings. Please note:  we may NOT close when the Everett School District and/or Mukilteo School District closes. On snowy/icy days we may start up to 2 hours late. In cases where school is delayed, half day Kindergarten and half day AM Pre-Kindergarten will be cancelled for the remainder of the day. PM Pre-Kindergarten will be in session in the afternoon. If this is the case, contact the school or use the above choices of communication, because a sudden worsening of weather conditions could cause us to completely close the school for the day. The Early Learning Center makes every effort to remain open, however; information pertaining to the center will be noted alongside the Academy's closure information.

These instructions are the same if we need to close school once the school day has begun and the weather necessitates us to change the schedule. Call the school and listen to the recorded message and check your email.

Fire, Earthquake, Lockdown Drills

Fire, earthquake and lockdown drills are practiced throughout the school year. The first drill of the year is scheduled; the subsequent drills occur often without warning. An alarm bell is rung continuously until all personnel, students and guests have exited the building. Everyone must exit the building when the alarm goes off.

Go to this page>> for Fire & Earthquake Information

Go to this page>> for Lock-Down information

Health and Safety Information

Please go to our Health and Safety Page for more information, including more on our Student Safety Policies.

For more information or questions regarding NCA's Emergency, Health, and Safety Policies, please contact:

Mr. Jeff Culp is Principal of 3rd-5th, STEM education, and NCA's Health and Safety Program at:

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