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Matching Gifts Program

A great way to Double your Donation to Northshore!

Imagine DOUBLING your gift of time or money to our school! This can be done very easily through your current employer and their Matching Gift Program.

What is a “Matching Gift Program”?

Many employers offer a “Matching Gift Program” to their employees. These programs are their way of reaching out to local non-profit organizations such as ours. If your organization offers a “Matching Gift Program,” and you as an employee make a donation to an accredited non-profit organization such as NCA, they will match your gift. It’s that simple.

Yes, I would like to donate a gift. How do I ask my employer to match my gift?

Most, if not all employers, now use online matching gift forms through company websites. Many times this can be found through the Human Resources section. In order to begin the matching gift process, simply complete the online form to let them know that you have made your donation to NCA (NCA cannot do this on your behalf-it must be done by the employee). Your company will then ask us to verify the donation and it is done!

You will need to following information:
Northshore Christian Academy is a registered 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization. Our tax ID #: 91-1515354

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mrs. Lina Maragliano, Development Director
Phone: 425.322.2371

Thank you for supporting our students!

Boeing Company Matching Gift Program

Below is current information from Boeing's Matching Gifts Program:

Boeing Matching Gifts (monetary)
The Boeing Company will match 1:1 gifts (monetary contributions of cash or stock) to NCA for a minimum gift of $25 or more (Boeing retirees receive a 0.5:1 match).

Boeing Matching Volunteering (Time
The hours a Boeing Company employee spends donating time and skills to NCA can also be matched with dollars.  For every 10 hours of volunteer service you give to NCA, Boeing will donate $100 to NCA!  Volunteering time to support NCA includes our Walk-a-Thon event, WatchDOGS program, and all Parent Teacher Fellowship volunteer time efforts (see our list of Volunteer Opportunities).

How do Boeing Employees and Retirees Request Matching Gifts?
  • Go to your 'TotalAccess Express' Boeing intranet and click on 'Community Giving'.
  • Select US – Northshore Christian Academy NCES ID: 91-1515354, NCES School ID: A9703575 
  • You will need your BEMS ID (if not, then the last 5 of your SSN).
Thank you for all of your efforts on NCA's behalf!
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